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NIU CPE-UPS The Lindsay NIU UPS is a backup power  system allowing cable operators to  maintain home phone services  during mains electricity ou

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The Lindsay NIU UPS is a backup power

system allowing cable operators to

maintain home phone services

during mains electricity outage.


The Lindsay Tough UPS Sytem

delivers 12V DC to virtually any

advanced custmer device for

subscriber amplifiers, GPON, ONTs,

cable modems, RFoG and mini nodes.

Featuring up to 15 hours of Battery

backup, zero millisecond power transfer

time, output overload and battery discharge

protection, with a lockable polycarbonate

enclosure. Installer friendly and ready to

accept your Lindsay or 3rd party customer

premise equipment.



• Weather-proof wall-mount housing with hidden hinge

• Temperature cycled, -20ºC to 55ºC (-4ºF to 131ºF)

• Compatible with Lindsay and other drop amplifiers

• Simple install and setup, easy battery replacement

• Up to 15 hours, depending on power demand

• 12V sealed VRLA AGM, maintenance-free battery

• Power transfer time, 0 ms

• Output overload protection

• Battery over-discharge protection

• Power pack input, 100-240 voltage AC

• Green/Red UPS status LEDs


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