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Remotely power any Lindsay Broadband  amplifier on the coaxial cable when no  power supply is conveniently located.

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1GHz Subscriber Amplifiers: Power Inserter –

LBI-PI Power Inserter


Remotely power any Lindsay Broadband

amplifier on the coaxial cable when no

power supply is conveniently located.


The Lindsay Broadband LBI-Power

Inserter (LBI-PI) provides power-in for

your multimedia or subscriber amplifiers

in the absence of a convenient outlet.

Hardened and 1 GHz-capable, the LBI- PI

combines the RF signal and 15-voltage DC power

input to activate amplifiers installed in out-of-the-way

places such as attics, exteriors or crawl spaces.


• Subscriber amplifier remote powering

• Multimedia amplifier remote powering

• RFoG node remote powering

• Bandwidth, 5 MHz to 1000 MHz

• HFC 15 voltage DC, 500mA

• 6 to 14 AWG integrated ground terminal

• Multi-drive, flat-point ground screw

• Two mounting ears, mounting screws included

• SCTE-compliant Female F-connector

• Part Number 15-100


Technical Specifications

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