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Lindsay’s compact multiple dwelling  unit broadband distribution amplifier  is a full featured two-way 1.2GHz indoor  station capable of 44dBmV

Product Details


1GHz MDU Amplifiers: LA35R


Model LA35R is a TOUGH indoor MDU

amplifier specifically designed for

broadband distribution systems in

apartment buildings, hotels, schools,

hospitals and similar facilities requiring

RF amplification.


Compact in size and designed to mount

directly to a wall with increased heat

dissipation properties and low power

consumption this amplifier runs cool and

reduces operational costs. Flexible two-way diplex filter options and the latest GaAs-Fet technology provide superior distortion performance and low noise

to 1 GHz. Technically friendly on board unique equalizers enable equalization and slope setup by simple resistive anenuators greatly reducing operational expenses.


•  Compact, aluminum die-cast, wall-mountable housing

•  Designed for superior heat dissipation

•  Rated ingress protection (IP)54, against dust and water

•  Temperature cycled -10˚C to +55˚C (+14˚F to +131˚F)

•  GaAS E-pHEMT for high output, low distortions

•  34dB gain forward, 18dB gain reverse

•  Forward and reverse, 20dB test points

•  Surge protection of 6kV on all ports

•  Designed for -100dB EMIisolation

•  Transformer powered 90-240 VAC

•  Diplex Filters available in 42/54, 65/85 and 85/102MHz

•  HFC 24-65 VAC options


Technical Specifications

  • English Version

  • Spanish Version


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