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Extreme Bandwidth Series

1.2 GHz Directional Coupler,

Splitters, Power Inserters


Lindsay Broadband extreme bandwidth

line passives deliver reliable DOCSIS®

3.1 supported frequencies to 1.218GHz.

MSO’s benefit from low insertion losses

and superior electrical and mechanical performances increasing network

reliability and service quality to their demanding customers.


The LBEx series line passives are available in configurations including directional couplers, balanced and unbalanced splitters and power inserters. These two-way AC power-passing outdoor hardened devices are 6 kV surge protected, 15PSI pressure tested enclosed in polyurethane coated 360 aluminum alloy housing complete with stainless steel hardware. Line passives with a swivel center conductor seizure mechanism equipped for pedestal and strand mounting allows for flexible installations. Standards compliant line passives with high current power coils and shorting bars for power grid configurations to block or pass power.


• Support DOCSIS®3.1 bandwidth 5 to 1218MHz

• 15A current capacity, 20A on power inserter

• 6kV surge protection

• Low insertion loss

• 15PSI pressure withstand

• Polyurethane coated 380 aluminum alloy housing

• Separate gaskets for weatherproofing and RFI integrity

• Shorting bars to disable power

• Swivel center conductor seizure mechanism

• Strand and pedestal mounting

• SCTE standards compliant



LBEx-2 two way splitter

LBEx-3 unbalanced three way splitter

LBEx-3B balanced three way splitter

LBEx-8 directional coupler 8dB

LBEx-12 directional coupler 12dB

LBEx-16 Directional coupler 16dB

LBEx-PI power inserter


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Lindsay Broadband extreme bandwidth  line passives deliver reliable DOCSIS®  3.1 supported frequencies to 1.218GHz.