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Fiber to the MDU (FTTM) with 10 Hour Battery Back-up


Cable operators experience

increased VOIP reliabilty and QoS

for all advanced digital services in

MDU’s where traditional standby

power is not an option. Traditional

FTTM with UPS consisted of bulky,

expensive outdoor equipment

mounted indoors.

Lindsay Broadband developed

a low cost, high performance

1 GHz fiber node solution

complete with a 10 hour battery

back-up system with 0 ms power transfer time, all housed in a small lockable wall mount polycarbonate enclosure.



• Up to 1003MHz high output with GaAs technology

• High RF output 50dBmV

• Dimensions 14 x 10 x 4.25 (inches)

• 6KV surge protection for RF I/O ports

• I/O optical level test points

• -20dB directional coupler test points for forward and reverse

• Green LED- Normal AC power

• Red LED- Standby, battery power

• Power transfer time 0ms, AC > Battery > AC

• Battery over-discharge protection

• WDM technology options available for two-way services

• Low power consumption


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