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Extreme Bandwidth Series, LRSA1510, LSA151,

LRSA0803, LSA84


Lindsay Broadband extreme

bandwidth subscriber

amplifiers are two-way 1.22GHz

devices supporting DOCSIS 3.1

frequencies with available

upstream and downstream splits

of 42/54, 65/85 and 85/102MHz.

Customers with long drops and excessive

splitter losses benefit from advanced

Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) technology

delivering improved distortion and

noise performances. Specifically

designed for both indoor and outdoor

applications with a 15PSI water-tight seal,

protective coating and 6kV surge withstand capabilities for enhanced

system reliability.


• 1.22GHz Gallium Arsenide Technology

• 3 dB Noise Figure

• Two-Way Active Models

• 6 kV Surge Withstand

• One and Four Port Options

• Power LED Indicator

• Surge and Current protected Power Supply

• Compact Environmentally Hardened design

• 15 PSI Water –Tight Seal

• Local and Remote Powering

• Diplex Filters 42/54, 64/85 and 85/102 MHz

• 360 degree F Pin Seizure

• 8dB equalized options


Technical Specifications

  • English Version

  Spanish Version


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