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1GHz Indoor High Output Fiber Nodes: LBVM900 Series


The LBVM900 Series is designed for various

applications from HFC to advanced fiber deep

FTTH architectures for CATV and telephony

networks. The node features a 1000MHz

bandwidth, high RF output level up to

50dBmV (110dBμV), a wide selection of

return lasers, and CWDM as an option to

overcome fiber limitation in a network for

two-way services. All these capacities and flexibility are packaged in an extremely compact die-cast aluminum housing.



• 1002 MHz High Output with GaAs technology

• High RF Output 50dBmV (110dBμV)

• WDM technology available for bi-directional services on a single fiber

• Compact size. Die cast aluminum housing.

• Superior heat dissipation. Low Power consumption.

• I/O optical level test points, -20dB directional coupler test points for forward and reverse


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