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1GHz RFoG, Customer Premise Node:



The Lindsay Broadband RFoG product

family includes several optical network

units (ONUs). LB-ON-300AC is a compact

bi-directional optical node, the ideal platform for

delivering upstream and downstream DOCSIS® voice, video and high speed data services over the FTTX applications.


The LB-ON-300AC inludes Automatic gain control (AGC), Burst Mode Return Lasers, and optional banwidth splits. The LB-ON-400AC has the Optional

PON Pass-through port.


Standards compliant and Lindsay TOUGH.



• Input optical wavelength: 1550nm

• Optical automatic gan control (AGC,-6 to +2dBm)

• Laser type; Burst mode FP or DFB

• Output wavelength: 1610nm, 1310nm or CWDM

• Optional PON pass through port

• Downstream bandwidth: 54/85 MHz to 1000MHz

• Upstream bandwidth: 5MHz to 42/65MHz

• Output RF signal level, 17dBmV/Ch (typ.)

• Input RF signal level, 20 to 40dBmV/Ch

• RF bi-directional test point, -20 dB

• Supply power, 12 voltage DC

• Power-on, Optical I/P, Optical Tx LED indicators

• Optional UPS available


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