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Optical Node for HFC and RFoG – LBN 200 ONU


Lindsay Broadband

1 or 2 Output Optical Node

Customization Performance Reliability


The Lindsay Broadband Inc. LBN200 ONU is a

TOUGH indoor/outdoor hardened optical node

offering single or dual High RF outputs for HFC,

RFoG and MDU Architectures. Advanced GaAs-FET

technology, achieve superior distortion

performance to 1GHz, with low power



This low noise optical node comes complete with

Optical AGC, an automatic switching mode power supply,

HFC powered 40-90VAC or 100-240VAC mains powered, all in a 15psi pressure tested housing. Unique on board equalizer allows slope/tilt setup by use of a simple resistive attenuator, greatly reducing operational expenses.


The LBN200 offers flexibility in choice of wavelength, laser types and band splits to meet all applications.


Standards compliant and Lindsay TOUGH.



• High RF output level 52/48dBmV for 1/2 Ports

• GaAsFET Technology provides Low Distortions and power consumption

• Downstream bandwidth: 54/85MHz to 1002MHz; Upstream bandwidth: 5Mhz to 42/65MHz

• Extended optical input level range (-8 to 0dBm)

• 1310, 1610, or CWDM, FP or DFB Burst Return laser options.

• Built-in microprocessor controlled AGC tracks input optical level changes

• Optical receiver input and output transmit indicator LED’s and TP.

• -20dB RF test ports forward and reverse directions

• Weather sealed Die case aluminum housing

• Efficient switch mode power supply

• HFC powered 40-90VAC, or 100-240VAC mains powered


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