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Optical Node for HFC and RFoG – LBN 200 ONU


Lindsay Broadbands LB-TBA and LB-TBB Compact

Termination Closures are indoor/outdoor plastic

wall mount termination closures designed to

transition from outdoor incoming fiber to indoor

fiber drops. Perfect for Mulitiple Dwelling

applications for FTTH. The LB-TBA is capable of

handling up to 8 SC adapters and the LB-TBB

up to 16 SC adapters.

The LB-TBA/TBB are equipped

with a hinged adapter tray that

allows for fiber splicing, storage

and optical splitter installation.

UV and Weather proof closure has

a rubber gasket along the interior

edge and at the drop entry ports


• 2 inlet ports, 8 or 16 output ports 8-16; 8-16 outlets for SC adapter

• Can be ordered with adapters/pigtails or PLC splitter and adapter/pigtails

• Can hold 1×4, 1×8, 1X16, 2×4, 2×8 PLC splitter

• Splice area and fiber storage and management under Hinged Adapter Tray

• IP 66 rating for ingress protection (Dust and water)

• Ultra violet resistant

• Wall mounting and pole mounting application.


Technical Specifications

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