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Business Service Gateways and Wireless APs

Lindsay Broadband Inc., is an industry leader in generating new revenue streams from the existing HFC network. Extend your view, Lindsay DOCSIS/Optical Gateways power and backhaul IP cameras.  Extend your reach, deploy PTP/PTMP to extend your existing infrastructure off the HFC strand to new residential and business clients.  Extend your brand, strand mounted WiFi will maintain a presence with your existing customers maintaining revenue, reducing churn.


Extend it your way, let the Lindsay Broadband’s Tough Hardened Outdoor DOCSIS/Optical products generate new revenue streams without extending your budget.



Strand Mounted DOCSIS® Access Point

Strand Mounted Optical Access Point

AC Powered Hardened Access Point

Strand Mounted DOCSIS® POE Gateway

Strand Mounted Optical POE Gateway

Strand Mounted DOCSIS® 4 POE Port Gateway

Strand Mounted Optical 4 POE Port Gateway

IP Security Camera

Point To Point 5.8 GHz Business Link

Strand Mounted DOCSIS® Gateway 1 Port


Strand Mounted DOCSIS® Gateway 4 Port

Strand Mounted HFC Powered Hardened 3.0 Cable Modem

110VAC Extreme Hardened 3.0 Cable Modem

Strand Mounted 4 Port eMTA With Cable Modem

Strand Mounted 4 Port eMTA

Strand Mounted HFC powered POE Gateway

LBLTE-PI-1.22 GHz 20 AMP Power Inserter